Facade and Window Testing


Facade, Window and Curtainwall Testing

Laboratory testing provides building professionals the opportunity to test the design of the building envelope and address any problems with the design ahead of the construction phase. We encourage façade engineers, architects and contractors to engage with us early in the construction programme as identifying issues early in the process can help contractors and building owners avoid costly, more complex issues and repairs when the building is occupied and scaffold has been removed.

All Facade Services caters to the New Zealand and Australian markets to provide IANZ accredited testing of Curtain Walling and building facade systems to a number of internationally recognised standards, including: AS/NZS:4284, NZBC E2/VM1 and NZBC E2/VM2 to evaluate the performance and provide a quality assurance process for all invested parties.

Façade and Curtainwall testing typically comprises three basic performance criteria carried out under both static and dynamic conditions and include:

Structural Serviceability

Depending on the Standard or test procedure applied, testing is conducted at specified air pressure and water application rates using both static and cyclic air pressure.

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